The Cost of Your Mortgage Loan

Money Isn't Everything

When considering lenders, factor in the level of service they will provide throughout the loan process. I'll be glad to provide a list of lenders who have successfully helped clients in the past. I also suggest that you ask friends and family in the area for their recommendations.

The same care and consideration you give to finding the right house should be applied to your search for the right mortgage lender. For most home-buyers a major determining factor in selecting a lender is the cost of the mortgage loan. But how do you determine the cost of a mortgage loan?

Shopping for a Mortgage Loan

While most buyers concentrate on interest rates, it is best to look at all the costs associated with a mortgage loan. Mortgage loans include the quoted interest rate, points and closing costs.

More than Just Interest

A number of fees are associated with the mortgage loan, including:

  • Appraisal - A carefully documented opinion of value by a licensed, professional appraiser.

  • Credit Report - A detailed report of your credit, employment and residence history prepared by a credit bureau.

  • Principal - The amount owed on a mortgage which does not include interest or other fees.

  • Document Fees, Loan Fees and Processing Fees - Miscellaneous fees charged by the lender.

  • Discount Points - Points paid in addition to the loan origination fee to get a lower interest rate. (1 point = 1 percent of loan amount)

  • Origination Points - the total number of points paid by the borrower at closing. (1 point = 1 percent of loan amount)

  • Interest Rate - A percentage of a loan or mortgage value that is paid to the lender as compensation for loaning funds.

Prepayment Penalty Mortgages (PPMs)

These loans restrict your right to prepay part or all of the principal in the loans early years. A prepayment fee is charged by the lender to the borrower who wishes to pay part or all of the loan ahead of the regular schedule. The advantage of a PPM is that they often have a lower interest rate than other mortgages.

Using the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to Compare Mortgage Loans

The APR was designed to help borrowers understand the relative costs of a mortgage loan. The APR takes into account the various fees associated with the loan, which is why it is often higher than the interest rate. Understand that not all lenders calculate a loan's APR in the same way. That is why this should be only one of the factors used in selecting the best mortgage for you.

Locking-in Interest Rates

Another factor to consider when selecting a lender is whether the lender will lock-in the mortgage's interest rate and points. Click here to learn more about lock-in options.

Dear Home Buyer,
These lenders will treat you right and give you the best rates and service too!

First Security Mortgage Services 

13915 Carrollwood Village Run 

Tampa, FL 33618

 Jim Dunnam 

1-800-971-0044    Toll Free
813-264-6606       Office
813-265-1149       Fax

Absolute Lending Source
776 W. Lumsden #101
Brandon, FL 33511
Melissa Poston - Lic. Mort. Broker 
1-813-571-9206   Office
813-758-3678      Cell
813-571-9378      Fax

Hagan Mortgage Associates
617 W Lumsden Rd
Brandon, FL 33511
Bob Hagan

1-888-270-2669    Toll Free
813-653-2669    Office
813-653-2076    Fax

Capital Mortgage Systems, Inc
550 N Reo Street Suite 300
Tampa, FL 33609
Jon Mueller
1-800-390-3379    Toll Free
813-261-5119    Office
813-261-5061    Fax

Florida Heritage Mortgage

An Affilliate of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

9950 Princess Palm Ave #212

Tampa, FL 33619

Greg Walker, Branch Manager            


800-676-3150 Office

813-230-4294 Cell

813-676-3140  Fax